Do Salvestrols cure Cancer?

What are salvestrols?
Highly concentrated food parts.

Where are they found?
They are not made in the body but found in abundance in organic food.

How do they work?
They target a specific enzyme called CYP1B1, in diseased cells. Salvestrols trigger a process in the body allowing it to kill those cells. Thought to be more advanced than antioxidants which are ineffective once DNA damage occurs. ,,According to experts who began research into Salvestrols in the 1990s, documented in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and the British Naturopathic Journal, they trigger a process in the body allowing it to kill diseased cells. But they have been depleted from food through modern farming and production techniques which have drastically altered diets.

How are they made?
Salvestrols are extracted from organic and other foods in Germany and the UK Yand made into supplements. They have been depleted from most foods through years of modern farming and food-production.

A group of New Zealand and Australian mothers of children with cancer are using an alternative treatment to stave off the disease.
The Cancer Society has said that while documented individual case studies had shown promise, there was not enough evidence to prove Salvestrols could treat or halt cancer.

Although there is evidence that fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet does have an effect on the disease.

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