Solving Patient No-Shows for the DHB is a Patient Transfer Service. We provide no-emergency Medical Transport in vehicles that have a wheelchair hoist. This allows us to assist with wheelchair and stretcher transfers. Currently we provide a transfer service for patients requiring medical appointments. Yet I read of problems with the DHB,s where tens of thousands of patients are failing to show up for their appointments every year, costing the public health system millions.
For some areas and groups, as many as one in three specialist appointments and surgical operations are cancelled due to no-shows, wasting millions in taxpayer dollars and opportunities for other patients to receive specialist care.
Amid an ongoing squeeze on the public health dollar, district health boards are becoming increasingly concerned about the cost of no-shows.

As well as the wasted time and money, patients who don't turn up could be delaying crucial medical care and eventually end up in Hospital.

In Counties Manukau, 4829 patients missed specialist appointments and just under 17,000 missed follow-up appointments in the past year.

Costs varied among the hospitals, but were estimated at $260 for each specialist appointment and $180 for follow-ups in Manukau, translating to a loss of about $4.3 million at that DHB alone. provides such a service. I implore those in the DHB's to look at alternative services that can solve this problem.

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