What is the Total Mobility Scheme – Auckland


The Total Mobility (TM) scheme is a national scheme that assists people with impairments to enhance their community participation by accessing appropriate transport. This assistance is provided to eligible, registered individuals in the form of subsidised door-to-door transport services wherever TM transport providers operate.

The TM scheme offers registered individuals a 50% discount (up to a maximum subsidy of $40.00 in the Auckland Region) on fares charged by contracted transport providers. To receive the discount, the individual must present their TM Photo Identification (ID) Card to the driver at the start of the trip so the correct tariff is selected for fare calculation. The individual is then required to have their TM Photo ID Card swiped at the end of the trip, and pay their 50% portion of the fare to the transport provider. In the Auckland region, Auckland Transport administers the scheme, with partial funding provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

Joining Total Mobility and using Transport Services:
For more information about the TM scheme in the Auckland Region and authorised TM agents, please phone the MAXX Contact Centre on (09) 366 6400.
SuperCare4u.com is a personalised Total Mobility Passenger Transportation System registered with Auckland Transport and offers a door-to-door, on-demand, pickup/drop-off service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year utilising vans fitted with wheelchair hoists. For reservations: 09 6302060

Basically, you're eligible if physical, sensory, intellectual or psychological disability means that you can't proceed to and from a public transport stop; or board, ride and disembark from the public transport unaided.
More information
To register and receive a TM Photo ID Card, please follow the steps below:

Step 1
– Contacting a TM disability agency to discuss eligibility and to arrange an eligibility assessment
The disability agency will ask the applicant a series of questions about their impairment to determine their eligibility, and if they consider that the applicant is likely to be eligible, an appointment with a trained Assessment Facilitator will be made for the assessment to take place.

Step 2 – Completing the eligibility assessment and the registration forms
The assessment must take place face to face with the applicant and Assessment Facilitator filling out the registration forms together. If the Assessment Facilitator determines that the applicant is eligible, the assessment form must be signed by both the Assessment Facilitator and the applicant, and the Photo ID Card form must be signed by the applicant.

Step 3
– Submitting the registration forms, photo and card issue fee
The assessment form and Photo ID Card form should be returned to the disability agency with the appropriate payment. This may include a disability agency membership fee and an assessment fee, although some agencies do not charge these. The payment will always include a card issue fee of $7.00 to cover the administration and production costs of the Photo ID Card (payable to Auckland Transport).The disability agency will review the registration forms and forward them to Auckland Transport with the card issue fee. Once the registration has been approved and processed by Auckland Transport, the applicant will receive a letter from them confirming their registration. The Photo ID Card will normally be received by the applicant within 10 working days, with a letter about the rules of the TM scheme and how to use the TM Photo ID Card.


Total Mobility - Assessment Agencies

Agency Name Contact Phone Type of Disability
Age Concern
Counties Manukau
Sandy Andrews ext 800 279 4331 Elderly
Age Concern
Leanne Rowe 820 0184 Elderly
Age Concern
North Shore
Maureen Andrews   ext 101 489 4975 Elderly
Alzheimer's Foundation Auckland Kaye Hastings 622 4230 Alzheimers / Dementia
Alzheimer's Society
Vathana Rajkumar 576 7776 Alzheimers / Dementia
Amputee Society of Auckland & Northland (Inc) Mali Huitoli - leave message with son Bradley 828 5276 Amputation
Arthritis New Zealand
Northern Region
Carol Lovatt 523 8910 Arthritis
Auckland Asthma Society Debra Leutenegger 630 2293 Asthma / COPD
Auckland District Kidney Society Rachel Barrett 278 1321 Kidney Failure
The Brain Injury Association Inc.
Alison McLellan 441 6246 Brain Injury
Cavit ABI
Emma Weeks 831 0087 Brain Injury
CCS Disability Action
June Shaw 624 2561 General disability
Cerebral Palsy Society NZ Inc. Michael Northcott 0800 503603 Cerebral Palsy
Communicare CMA Inc.
Margaret Oldfield 631 5968 Elderly
Creative Abilities & Associates Elizabeth Soper 444 0608 Intellectual / Physical
Disabled Citizens' Society Helena MathiesonPam Uttridge (10am-2pm) 638 8153 THEIR MEMBERS ONLYPam - Total Mobility
Epilepsy Association of NZ
Colin Reive 373 4312 Epilepsy
Epilepsy NZ
North Shore / Rodney
Susan Moyle 442 0977 Epilepsy
Huntington's Disease Association Inc.
Jane Devine 815 9703 Huntingtons Disease
Colleen Cooling
[email protected]
529 8748 Intellectual Impairment
South / East Auckland
Ragni Narayan
[email protected]
529 8790 Intellectual Impairment
North Shore
Hereora Watling
[email protected]
529 8725 Intellectual Impairment
West / Central Auckland
Angie Murray
[email protected]
529 8758 Intellectual Impairment
Immune Deficiencies Foundation Sandi Field 0508 300 600 THEIR MEMBERS ONLY
Laura Fergusson Trust Lorna Coles 520 9016 THEIR MEMBERS ONLY
The Millennium 21 Trust Sarah Lockwood 527 3885 THEIR MEMBERS ONLY
Motor Neurone Disease Association Linda Oliver 815 4263 Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland & the North Shore (Inc) Anju Shrestha 845 5921 Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Joanna Baylis 4155682 Muscular Dystrophy
North Shore Centres of Mutual Aid Mariana Torkington 489 8954 Elderly
Parkinsonism Society Auckland Inc Cilla Barkhuizen 278 6918 Parkinsonism
PHAB Association Sonia Thursby 488 7490 THEIR MEMBERS ONLY
Ranfurly Care Society Valerie Hilton 630 3010 THEIR MEMBERS ONLY
Rodney N. Harbour Health Trust
(only agency in Warkworth area)
Joanne Elliot-Jones 09 4259999 General (particularly for Warkworth area)
Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind
Lima Lole 355 6706 Visual Impairment
Stroke Foundation
Northern Region
Christine Fevre 475 0070 Stroke
The Association for Spinal Concerns Anita O'Connor 270 9071 Spinal Injury